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There can only be one pledge about true love: Thou shall not die. She is truly loved when she is that immortal being from the ink of this pen. She is that lovely girl dancing with the clouds in the middle of a verse. A whole army can be destroyed and a hundred cities burnt into the ground, but not those brittle pages about the story of our love.


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Her unfailing grace is a solemn bedrock that conjugates our insufferable mortality and the promise of eternity. You have to tell her too chestnut hair dangling unto her cheeks is like a waterfall in search of its destiny. Additionally that her eyes are the timidity of an Achilles who can murder a million men with the mere twist of his sword. You have to play it all like a pro until you become not only the one she plays with, but the one she follows. You have to be the coach, for only then can you be slated as a true pro. This allows you to fuck her with a flick of fingers. You can snap her mind into some prurient warp almost instantly. The point here is, make her fall in love. That’s the end game, that’s how you get as many sex everyday as you want. It’s gonna require a bit of brazenness, but it’s all worth it. This site will remind you of that in every video.

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