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That smile in her heaven-sent face is like the rain gently falling from the skies reminding men and all wicked souls that hers is that beauty that the strongest and mightiest of kings can only envy and adore. Her only weakness is a lost line in a poem, for lovers can only live until eternity in the madness of a poet who is willing to reap the wrath of a titan just to pen a word for her.


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If anything, I have learned too much poetic-ism from one of my most favorite porn stars of all time. Girls really dig it, she has proven me right indeed. Now this girl has finally stepped her game up and instead of being just another girl in the scene, she has become the creator of a new wave of beautiful porn vids. It’s none other than Kelly Madison.

In the heart of every writer, it is always better to die everyday than live forever at the mercy of the gods who have made a mistake in creating a perfect woman in her. But in truth, from the words of one of the finest women I have ever come across, there is no such thing as a curse for women, for all eternity will choose to love. Every woman is meant for the right man and most of the time, a woman is willing to put out to as many men until she finds who really weighs the most in her heart. It’s her self-compromise, to agree upon the experimentation for sometimes it is the only way she can reveal herself of what she really wants. That’s why in this porn site, you will see that a woman submits easily just by striking up some sugar sweet conversation. And so they make out until things get really sexy and all the rest of the nudity follows.

What I love most about KellyMadison is that her approach can be very sweet and romantic. She wants to make her audience fall in love because nothing makes sex more fulfilling than it be imbued with passion. It only gets truer by every moment, with every touch, every caress. 980 videos will show you that in her exclusive porn database. She takes part in some of the episodes too most of the time as a consenting mom or some teacher who teachers her student a lesson. She directs most of the stories and some she even penned herself.

In conclusion, Kelly Madison is one of the most admirable porn celeb today and perhaps for the generations that follow. She is not all about the sex, but in the romantic art that lies within. Sometimes with the playfulness of the prurience too. Stream or download, all’s good here.