Fake Taxi Discount

The world is not a safe place to be. Everyone has to think survival and every man, to some degree, should take it to his initiative to put to mind the fact that at times, he has to go by the primordial saying — that every man should serve himself. So if you are feeling really dry and low.


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If you feel so unloved and unrequited with all the love that you have shown, it is in your initiative to look for some shock absorb-er, something that can ease the pain inside you. You have to admire the initiatives of some fake cabbies. Just like the cabby they feature in Fake Taxi.

Wanna know what I think about the approach they have been taking? A pure genius. It’s like the ultimate life hack. Wanna get laid? Go drive a taxi. Or at least pretend to be a cabby and that your car be a taxi for a day and then don’t entertain any male customers. Just tell them you’re waiting for someone who’s got you on reserve for the day.

Thinking about trying it out for myself and I’m sure the results will be astonishing. But of course, it all needs a bit of fail proofing, which is why I’m probing all the more the videos here so I can emulate the techniques of Master Cabby if I may call him that. These are, by the way, real videos thanks to ladies who are desperate enough to put themselves out just to get free taxi rides. I just wish my future girlfriend won’t be that desperate, which is why I’m gonna make sure I got lots of money to secure her.

Fake Taxi currently holds 500 plus videos in its database and each video is good for at least 20 minutes of spontaneous nudity. Until now, the premise of the site still amazes me and I salute the guy for having fucked more than 200 girls already just by pretending to be a cabby. One thing I noticed too is that these women are British and the guy is British, therefore they are probably in Britain, which confirms my assumption that British are fallen angels.

Get to see the magical odyssey of our Master Cabby. Go ahead and plunge yourself into the world of the Fake Taxi. Always nice to have this guy around. Makes you believe that you can fuck any girl you want with the right tactics.