POVD Discount

The adult movie industry is witnessing one of the greatest things that many people have been expecting and this remarkable innovation is coming from no porn site other than POVD. Aside creating impressive hardcore porn movies using some of the best porn stars, the site gives largest portion of its priority to making quality video production and as such made a record as the first porn site to produce Ultra-Definition videos with 3D audio. This is indeed a great work which will make watching porn movies more interesting. This format makes the scenes real and the sound effect allows voice to be more clear and audible.


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The films produced here are hot and clearly express how to satisfy female fantasy. The girls take part in all types of hardcore experience by sucking huge dicks and riding on rigid cork as they show no shyness in front of camera. Though, most of the models are stars and mixed with handful of new faces but with same quality of sex-obsessed babes ever ready to play. The site is new compared to many of its competitors but it is doing what other fail to achieve within its short time on the internet. The site is relatively small at this moment but promises to make video library bigger as time goes on while the content gets weekly updates.

Really, POVD has something new to offer porn viewers and I could sense it by the way it came online smoky. It invites porn stars like Holly Michaels and Dillon Harper to lay good foundation. And by producing what I could categorically referred to as highest videos quality, the site is creating what will have positive effect on the future of adult entertainment. The girls make the scene more exciting by keeping eye contact with the camera and uttering naughty words that can drive any man crazy.

The main video format is in 1080p MPG and MP4 stream-able and downloadable to mobile devices while each video comes with hi-res pictures with each gallery having 300 photos which can be picked in zip files. This is a total experience in adult movie production and I concur. The camera shooting is exceptional as it captures various angles of hardcore scenes and making every action look real. As you watch videos produced by these guys you’ll feel being part of the show as the videos come very clear with audible sound.

The POVD discount site offers a day trial of $1 and most of it videos run for about 30 minutes of unbelievable hardcore sex. After taking a tour of this site I strongly recommend it to those who enjoy watching POV movies and those who like to see hot porn stars in action. There is plenty of cork sucking, straight penetration and anal fucking, pussy licking, tit fuck and cum-shots. According to these guys’ claim as the best POV videos provider, I actually see the evidence and I believe the site will become bigger in a short time judging by what it is already doing.

MPL Studios Discount

For a soft porn website to be doing well in adult movie production since 2003 is largely commendable and MPL Studios is an example of such a site. Since it was launched about 13 years ago, this site has been focusing its operation in presenting beautiful girls captured in exotic nude posing. It offers amazing and artistic nude photos of mainly Eastern European girls consisting largely Russians. The photographic art created by this site is unique and exclusively produced for its subscribers to download unlimited amounts.


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It has high quality art collection of nude posing and has in its collection some of the most beautiful models. What really fancies me most about this site is its ability to present naturally pretty babes without any implant or whatever. Though, the site has been around for a while but it continues to impress in producing superb photo galleries with excellent lighting and nice shooting positions. You will get access to more than 508 video clips and about 247,829 online photos readily available to download in MP4, DIVX and Hi-Res formats. In most of the videos, you will be thrill to about 12 minutes of softcore porn starring hot girls showing off their juicy tits and other sensitive parts of their bodies including pussy.

With its easy navigation tools, the site is a user-friendly platform particularly the option to browse through different categories. As a top notch site specializing more in nude photography, MPL Studios has hundreds of beautiful models in its collection and above all charges reasonable membership fee of $20 per month. The models are mostly hot teens with fresh natural bodies and possess good quality softcore porn stars. Fans of exotic nude photos will not make mistake joining this site because all the content here are carefully done for maximum enjoyment of users. The massive photo gallery and video clips is more than enough to pick whatever interest you most and you are assured of seeing more when you visit the following day.

As expected of a veteran softcore porn site, MPL Studios performs daily updates and regularly adds new videos and pictures. It also brings in new models while it continues to increase in size and never relent to lead all the way. It is clearly making a difference in so many ways and what will keep this site in the fore-front for a long period of time are the types of models it has around; they are simply irresistible.

I found this site very modern and sophisticated in bringing female beauty to the view of its members. It is very obvious it has talented photographers and directing crew that have good insight of the best location for each shooting. I can categorically say that this site is one of the best nude photo sites trading on the internet presently and I also believe it has collection of the most attractive Eastern European softcore porn models working with it. The site itself is exceptional and easy to use while it provides each of the model’s portfolios containing her full profile.

XXXPawn Discount

What happens when two oldest business come together? When you mix pawning and selling pussies an astounding porn websites, XXXPawn comes into existence. The mix of these oldest ways to earn money is definitely going to be the next milestone for the porn industry and these videos will give this erotic industry a new destination.


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This website has some of the best videos available across the Internet and the girls here are also pretty hot. These videos are shot by either hidden cameras or with POV cameras giving you the best view of the videos. The girls in these videos are definitely one of the best and they give the male model, best of satisfaction and ultimate sexual action.

These porn movies are shot at the back office of a pawn shop with either the hidden cameras of POV cameras but nonetheless the quality of these videos is superb. In most of the videos, the girls come with few things to pawn, in need of cash but the things are just trash and worthless. So in return the person at the shop offers the girls to pawn their pussies instead and earn the desire money they have been looking for. These girls give him one of the best sexual encounter with ultimate cock sucking, riding on him, and giving him the satisfaction he had been looking for. These girls are not afraid of letting the guy cum all over their bodies including their tits and mouth.

The fantasies of a pawn shopkeeper are brought to lime light through this ultimate newbie to the porn industry. At XXXPawn, you will to acknowledge the fantasies of a pawn shopkeeper with beautiful and sexy girls entering the shop with various things. The entire setup of a pawn shop portrays quite realistic scenario, where people come to pawn their belongings and earn cash. But in these videos, the girls come in to the shop and find out that their belongings are worthless and when asked to pawn their pussies for cash, they get ready and get to the back office and start with the encounter. There are hot co-eds as well as Latinas who love cum over everything.

Entering the back office, the videos are shot by POV cameras or hidden cameras but the video quality is nevertheless in high definition. You can watch these videos in HD 720p or even save these quality videos in your hard drives. You can watch the videos in almost all formats and do not have to worry about viewing in various other devices. There are photos to add up to the videos but the photos are not in high resolution and that is a setback for the website. The video library is quite small just more than 10 videos to enjoy. And moreover, a new content is updated only after two weeks, it will definitely take some time for this website to be among the best in the industry.

The website is definitely a small one and with no bonus sites added to its membership, it makes the deal a little expensive. But the quality of content is definitely worth watching and the concept XXXPawn has come forward with is just unique and once it gets the library populated it is definitely going to be amongst the best known porn websites.

OutoftheFamily Promo Code

Out of the Family is a very pioneering porn website since it focuses on mostly a single type of porn. The website emphasizes more and more on Taboo sex, the sex that is frowned upon. The main idea, guys having sex with their in-laws, incest, stepdads and stepdaughters doing the business, stepbrothers and stepsisters getting in on the act. Sometimes to spice things up, porn stars that are famous also feature in these pretty innovative scenes.


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Most of the models on the site are not quite well known, that is, they are pretty attractive models no doubt, but they are porn stars aged amongst 18-23 which is really not the age for porn stars to be world renowned. But occasionally, you can see some big shot pornstars in the mix, like Raylene, Monica Mayhem and Kenzi Marie. The quality of the girls at the site however, is above average at best, but they are still growing.

The quality of the videos and images at OutoftheFamily is *OUT OF THE WORLD*. When they advertise their work, they promise high definition 1080p quality, and that is exactly what they have offered. Full length videos can be downloaded in 1080p HD quality in the Mp4 format with the dimensions being 1920 x 1080. These videos can be viewed online too, with the help of the embedded video player in the website, which lets you view the videos in high quality and without hindrances. Apart from this, members can also download the videos in several different formats, this is particularly helpful when you are viewing the videos on a mobile device and need to trade off quality in favor of storage space. As of yet, the current capacity at Out of the Family is at a whopping 420 video scenes, and updates are made at a daily basis.

OutoftheFamily also works in collaboration with other porn websites, which allows the customers to enjoy content from different mega porn sites, for the price of only one. In addition, the members’ area is pretty sweet and managed. The advance search tool makes our lives better, this way we can search for whatever we want, as quickly as we want it. The content is categorized in different categories and genres, you can also find videos on the basis of the people that star in it, or you can use all these filters combine to pinpoint to a particular video.

To obtain a membership for the site, there are different packages through which you can do that. Trustcharge.net is the service provider that legalizes your membership. Firstly, a 3 day membership is available that gives you limited access to the contents of the site for $3. A monthly membership costs around $30, a 3 month membership costs around $69 and an annual membership costs $95.40. All of these memberships (bar the trial membership) include unprecedented access to all the hardcore action in the website.

Border Patrol Sex Discount

The sign says do not cross-here, but the girls never listen and thus they get to have Border Patrol Sex! This amateur production website contains what many would call really entertaining stuff as far as hardcore porn goes. The uniform patrol guys do not let the trespasser off with a simple warning; they take full advantage of the situation.


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The only regulations and rules that the uniform patrol men follow is to have carnal sex with the girls they catch trying to sneak over the border. The films are meant to be fantasy and they are meant to be realistic as possible. That is why they have sex right there where they caught the ladies sneaking in, outdoors, and in their patrol cars as well.

Once the lady is caught, only way out of the jam is to have hardcore sex and they definitely get penetrated. You will find the website growing with more material than they had and this also goes for the features that they offer. The episodes here are all in this fetish fantasy niche of exploitation sex, and only here will you find them, in other words, they have exclusive videos. Within the week, they are able to make 2 updates and this schedule has been relatively steady since they started.

The website offers 4 streaming or downloading settings you can choose. All the content is free to the member once they have paid the entrance fee, with deals like monthly, 3 month, and yearly membership pass. Your details (personal and financial) are secured inside the website. The customer service they can offer is very much reliable should you come to need some help; mostly you will find the website trouble free. There is a hint of taboo humiliation, forced sex, some bdsm style of material, and many other hardcore niches. Searching is by using the tags, tools for sorting are available also.

The scenario sometimes net you two or more Latino girls, two patrol guys, and lots of horny group sex action. The acting performances are just enough to make the scenes entertaining, but do not be expecting Oscar performances or anything like that. They have longer videos that take more than 30 minutes. The movies have resolution qualities from 480p to 1080p resolutions, which is HD. They have not been on the terrain for too long, thus content count is still growing. They also have a massive DVD bonus collection once you sign up, access to this collection should keep you busy waiting for the next update.

Border Patrol Sex is about a hardcore fantasy, about sexual Latino ecstasy, and about various hardcore niches you can enjoy. For a naughty quality time, you should pay them a visit.

CumLouder Discount

CumLouder is bound to give you what you like considering the long list of niches that they house. You should also consider that they have original content that seems to be added every other day, looking at their numbers. There are many Latino pornstar to watch out for here and that does not even include the other ethnicities they have. The teaser material of the tour page is being a bit too modest when it comes to really showing you what these guys can do. The membership pass means you get full methods of arranging and finding porn that has been arranged fantastically inside.


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This network caters for different languages that members are free to check out. It is not just the production that is very captivating; it is their ability to do so much variety. Also, smartly organizing the content gives you an easy time while surfing inside. The material is rated, arranged according to date, there are menus and tags to check out. The direct presentation of content and niches also works well to convince new members that they dealing with an experienced producer. Time and resources have been spent to create over 3100 videos that they can show you in their galleries. With variety of hardcore, big tits, orgasms, squirting, reality, deep throat, party, masturbation, etc, you will find a mega place of sexuality that will take you down the rabbit hole into bliss madness!

There is plenty of creativity that includes fetish fantasy action, you can find more 17 websites that contribute to the hardcore, and they all have some type of twist variety to their films. What is obvious is that Latina pornstars with their perfect bodies are given more exposure here than anywhere else. The guys have dicks ranging from real monsters to extra large impellers so the girls take full advantage. People tend to be hooked to the concepts and creative productions that these guys manufacture.

Also, people like the way videos come in HD settings and the camera is filming in excellent lighting and angles. Some scenes have long descriptions about the journeys to be seen as you click on the play button. Members, who are able to comment after such exhausting hardcore passions, leave their remarks for you to peruse. Scenes are rated, dated, and have info on runtime. Formats include wmv, mpeg, and mobile formats too. Links to videos, categories, live cams, girls, channels, store, are all there.

CumLouder believes that fun should be an effortless exploration on your part and work hard to make everything they have triple fun! The hardcore Hispanic babes here are going to make you dance in your seat to sexual drums and orgasms. The variety of the niches is a blessed thing to have, this mega place has lots to enjoy. Definitely join them!

Kelly Madison Discount

That smile in her heaven-sent face is like the rain gently falling from the skies reminding men and all wicked souls that hers is that beauty that the strongest and mightiest of kings can only envy and adore. Her only weakness is a lost line in a poem, for lovers can only live until eternity in the madness of a poet who is willing to reap the wrath of a titan just to pen a word for her.


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If anything, I have learned too much poetic-ism from one of my most favorite porn stars of all time. Girls really dig it, she has proven me right indeed. Now this girl has finally stepped her game up and instead of being just another girl in the scene, she has become the creator of a new wave of beautiful porn vids. It’s none other than Kelly Madison.

In the heart of every writer, it is always better to die everyday than live forever at the mercy of the gods who have made a mistake in creating a perfect woman in her. But in truth, from the words of one of the finest women I have ever come across, there is no such thing as a curse for women, for all eternity will choose to love. Every woman is meant for the right man and most of the time, a woman is willing to put out to as many men until she finds who really weighs the most in her heart. It’s her self-compromise, to agree upon the experimentation for sometimes it is the only way she can reveal herself of what she really wants. That’s why in this porn site, you will see that a woman submits easily just by striking up some sugar sweet conversation. And so they make out until things get really sexy and all the rest of the nudity follows.

What I love most about KellyMadison is that her approach can be very sweet and romantic. She wants to make her audience fall in love because nothing makes sex more fulfilling than it be imbued with passion. It only gets truer by every moment, with every touch, every caress. 980 videos will show you that in her exclusive porn database. She takes part in some of the episodes too most of the time as a consenting mom or some teacher who teachers her student a lesson. She directs most of the stories and some she even penned herself.

In conclusion, Kelly Madison is one of the most admirable porn celeb today and perhaps for the generations that follow. She is not all about the sex, but in the romantic art that lies within. Sometimes with the playfulness of the prurience too. Stream or download, all’s good here.

PornPros Discount

There can only be one pledge about true love: Thou shall not die. She is truly loved when she is that immortal being from the ink of this pen. She is that lovely girl dancing with the clouds in the middle of a verse. A whole army can be destroyed and a hundred cities burnt into the ground, but not those brittle pages about the story of our love.


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This kind of romantic approach is what it takes to be a real pro. Or perhaps the mastery of such is the desideratum. You can see proof of that through the lens of PornPros Network, which up to now remains one of the best porn sites across the cyber world.

Her unfailing grace is a solemn bedrock that conjugates our insufferable mortality and the promise of eternity. You have to tell her too chestnut hair dangling unto her cheeks is like a waterfall in search of its destiny. Additionally that her eyes are the timidity of an Achilles who can murder a million men with the mere twist of his sword. You have to play it all like a pro until you become not only the one she plays with, but the one she follows. You have to be the coach, for only then can you be slated as a true pro. This allows you to fuck her with a flick of fingers. You can snap her mind into some prurient warp almost instantly. The point here is, make her fall in love. That’s the end game, that’s how you get as many sex everyday as you want. It’s gonna require a bit of brazenness, but it’s all worth it. This site will remind you of that in every video.

PornPros Network is like the DC Comics of the cyber world. It’s infinitely vast, like it never really ends. You’ll get a glimpse of all the best things in life and that can be seen in the woman alone that you want to fuck for the rest of your life. But of course, this site wants you to play around a bit more too by having as many girls surrounding you, widening the selection, nonetheless letting you fuck as many of them anytime you want. 2,100 videos and more are currently immortalized in the site for your eternal reference. These videos go from 20 to 45 minutes each and there are full movie specials too that are released by the month. Additionally, you get to enjoy HD stills that delineate more detail for the scenes.

Stream or download. Or do both. It’s all up to you with PornPros Network.

Fake Taxi Discount

The world is not a safe place to be. Everyone has to think survival and every man, to some degree, should take it to his initiative to put to mind the fact that at times, he has to go by the primordial saying — that every man should serve himself. So if you are feeling really dry and low.


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If you feel so unloved and unrequited with all the love that you have shown, it is in your initiative to look for some shock absorb-er, something that can ease the pain inside you. You have to admire the initiatives of some fake cabbies. Just like the cabby they feature in Fake Taxi.

Wanna know what I think about the approach they have been taking? A pure genius. It’s like the ultimate life hack. Wanna get laid? Go drive a taxi. Or at least pretend to be a cabby and that your car be a taxi for a day and then don’t entertain any male customers. Just tell them you’re waiting for someone who’s got you on reserve for the day.

Thinking about trying it out for myself and I’m sure the results will be astonishing. But of course, it all needs a bit of fail proofing, which is why I’m probing all the more the videos here so I can emulate the techniques of Master Cabby if I may call him that. These are, by the way, real videos thanks to ladies who are desperate enough to put themselves out just to get free taxi rides. I just wish my future girlfriend won’t be that desperate, which is why I’m gonna make sure I got lots of money to secure her.

Fake Taxi currently holds 500 plus videos in its database and each video is good for at least 20 minutes of spontaneous nudity. Until now, the premise of the site still amazes me and I salute the guy for having fucked more than 200 girls already just by pretending to be a cabby. One thing I noticed too is that these women are British and the guy is British, therefore they are probably in Britain, which confirms my assumption that British are fallen angels.

Get to see the magical odyssey of our Master Cabby. Go ahead and plunge yourself into the world of the Fake Taxi. Always nice to have this guy around. Makes you believe that you can fuck any girl you want with the right tactics.

Passion HD Discount

They say that life is too short and that if you want something, you should do everything in your power to have it. You should do all of it with passion. If it means something to you, you wouldn’t perish from life without having done the things you want to do or achieved the things that your heart desires.


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In line with that, we are going to discuss briefly about one of the kinkiest porn sites I have ever come across without losing the essence of being passionate in its creations. That would be none other than the finest Passion HD.

Rather than a one man kind of journey, this porn site is more of a conglomerate. It is a network that lets you in on the most passionate nude videos to be had out there, the ones with the finest quality, the ones that go nowhere less than the peek of excellence. What’s even more is that this is among the few porn resources that does not commit any false promises. When they say you are up for the greatest visual erotic experience, then you’re definitely signed up for that.

Just sail along and you will come across seas and oceans that are abound with the naughtiest porno out there that don’t fall short when it comes to the most passionate exhibitions. Another thing worth mentioning is that you get to see cool new vids everyday because the individual niche sites linked here update their databases everyday.

What’s even cooler, in my opinion (and as popular opinion goes going by the audience base of this site), is that you get to choose the videos per model. Heck, you can even get to know them in a much deeper level by checking inside the models section, where you can check out not only their video participation, but also their biographies and other personal info. If lucky enough, you might come across them in the forums section and maybe even arrange booty meet ups. Until then, get to relish the 1800 plus videos incorporated on the Passion HD main site. The photo folders are something to keep tabs on too because they are beyond amazing.

There’s more to Passion HD and it would be unfair if I spoil you with all the details. Furthermore, a single month subscription would not suffice with how addictive the whole premise and gigs of this resource can get.

Mike Adriano Promo Code

Mike Adriano, the award winning porn director famous for his fascination about the asses and anal sex. So you can be quite sure that the main feature of this website is anal sex and you will find some awesome and extraordinary anal sex videos.


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Mike’s camera lenses are quite ravenous when it comes to the asses’ of famous pornstars or the girls new to the porn industry. Their asses’ are very carefully shot by Mike in details and provides his viewers with utmost admiration of the big butt girls. He makes the pornstars’ butt holes filled with either sex toys or with big cocks. His clear obsession with the asses can be seen through his videos. These videos when comes in HD can make a great difference and the exclusive scenes gives you a whole new porn experience. Keep yourself ready to enjoy the round booties of the famous pornstars and get excited to the critical level.

If you have landed on this website for the first time, you can find the famous pornstars stretching their butt holes with the sex toys and big dicks. There is an overwhelming collection of illustrious pornstars such as Jessie Rogers, Anissa Kate and Bridgette B. and many others getting their asses stretched like an elastic along with messy hardcore sex. The various categories can drive you crazy for this stupendous website.

Mike Adriano, will show you the passion for sex in its videos. As the award winning director has a great passion for the butts, the titles of the videos also consists of at least a word related ass. Moreover, streaming these messy sex videos in HD will definitely make you enjoy. There are more than 116 DVDs with passionate ass fucking and brutal sex.

These videos do not have any confirmed scripts but are gonzo flicks where there is a lot of talking involved either between the girls and Mike or the girls and the camera. It is at the starting that the girls talk to the camera but once when they are at the act, they become so passionate that they just forget about the talking. They get themselves stretched like a gymnastic athlete. There are few muzzling blowjobs, deep penetration, group sex as well as lesbian videos.

The video quality is also quite great with HD videos streaming at 1020p with a high screen resolution of 1920X1080 with an excellent playback quality. Most of the scenes in the website can be saved in high definition and hence making the site a huge success. There is a diversity of videos and pictures of various pornstars that can make any human go crazy. The pictures are very well shot and are quite high resolution at 1280X1920 with crystal clear shots. When you are dealing with Mike’s work you always tend to get extras and become a huge fan of his work.

Mike Adriano, is the place you need to visit if you are a fan of great anal sex and gonzo porn videos. And with Mike’s videos you are quite definite to get to his passion and worship the big rounded butts.

OnlyTease Discount

OnlyTease, 100% erotic, exclusive and teasing porn website with the prettiest amateur girls from UK brings you a whole new experience of watching erotic videos.


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There are various models in different outfits, uniforms, high heels, stockings and even nude pornstars. The huge collection of HD videos is the main feature of this teasing x art discount type website. Moreover the regular update of the videos add a new feather to its cap due to which it has been rated as a “must visit” website for the porn lovers.

The 100% exclusive teasing videos with over 1.2 million images have made this website one of the most popular websites over the Internet. It has a total of 2300 videos and a huge collection of HD videos with Ultra resolution photos make the website a watchers’ delight. The design of this website adds up to its presentation and the photos of the teasing girls is sure to give you a hard on. The number of teasing videos have been increasing day by day. You can find different types of girls with mouth-watering figure. You can find the best porn experience once you sign up to the website.

Hardcore porn is something every https://rkingsdiscount.com website now-a-days show but with OnlyTease, you will experience softcore porn videos with specialization erotic and teasing content. The girls are mostly from United Kingdom and they speak in a very cute British accent. It makes the videos even more sensual with the blondes, brunettes and the redheads with the perfect breasts, nice and sexy legs and round asses. The ultimate mix of models and their talent is extraordinary.

Every porn watcher has a certain category that can excite him utmost and you will find all these categories available such as secretary porn, teachers, girls with sexy lingerie or even girls with stockings or stripping. Moreover, you can also enjoy videos with complete nudity, semi nudity and stripping girls. The most exciting part in a sensual moment is the foreplay and here, in this website it has been taken a very vital care that the foreplay remains extraordinary.

These videos are available in HD as well as in normal mode. HD videos with 720p Windows Media download are the best porn discounts quality offered. It opens with a 1280X720 screen with sharp colors. The high quality sound adds to the eroticism and makes the videos even more sensual. Picture gallery is one of the major attraction of this website. The ultra-resolution of the photos with 3000X2000 pixel resolution sets give a really fantastic image that looks beautiful.

This website has provided its viewers with advanced search features and filters to find the specific models or to find the specific content from the content library.

OnlyTease a website with UK girls, their fun, sexy and erotic softcore galleries and videos, nude and semi-nude videos and high quality production videos have made it the best amongst its contemporary websites. The fantastic HD videos provide a great porn experience with cute and well figured British girls. The payment processors they use are CCBill and Epoch.